Liquid Stevia

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Natural stevia is GREEN not white.

Here is the only naturally brewed Liquid Stevia sweetener. Finally we can have healthy sweetness fitted for everyone with all the nutrients and ZERO Calories.

No maltodextrine

No chemicals

No trash

Sweetness measurement:
3 drops = 2 tablespoon sugar

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Buy 2 bottles and get 15% OFF, Buy 4 bottles and get 20% OFF!

Stevia is a natural sweetener with zero calories. Its properties and benefits make this an excellent alternative to sugar, for those facing diabetes or simply interested in losing weight for better health.

Stevia has been extracted in a liquid form and combined with chromium polynicotinate* to create Stevia Complex™.

While common stevia sweeteners contain “other” ingredients like maltodextrin that are not be suited for diabetics and people who want to lose weight, Stevia Complex™ is an effective and all natural way to achieve your weight and health goals.

Sweetness measurement:
3 drops = 2 tablespoon sugar

Stevia Complex™ is used for:

• Weight Management
• Food cravings
• Diabetes
• Cavities
• Cholesterol
• Insulin level support
• Gastrointestinal functions
• Glucose digestion
• Sweet tooth
• Triglyceride level support
• Better immune system
• Better Health

*Mineral found in broccoli that supports metabolic process of sugars in the blood.


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